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Point Scanning Confocal SP8 inverted with WLL laser and gated HyD

Equipment type: Light microscopy

Inverted confocal microscope (Leica) dedicated to the conventional confocal imaging of living samples. Adaptative Focus Control option. Equipped with an Okolab Stage Top Incubator (temperature control from 3°C above ambient to 60°C), CO2 and humidity control) and motorized x-y-z stages.


  Illumination   Wavelength range, nm
  Laser diode 405 nm   405
  Laser diode 442 nm   442
  White laser   470 to 670 nm


  Detection   Wavelength range, nm
  3 Internal (descanned) PMTs   350 to 800 nm, adjustable spectral range
  2 Internal (descanned ) HyDs with gating option**   350 to 800 nm, adjustable spectral range
  1 PMT trans   Laser wavelength

**time gated detection allows suppression of autofluorescence and reflected light


Leica LAS-X software
– Acquisition modes: time lapse (xyt), z stack (xyz), spectral acquisitions (xy?; xy?), Multiposition (Mark&Find), Overview Image (Tile Scan), Sequential acquisition
– Best Focus and Adaptative Focus Control


Room E1002 CBI
Imaging Center IGBMC

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