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Airyscan detection in multiphoton microscopy: super-resolution and improved signal-to-noise ratio beyond the confocal limit

Joseph Huff1*, Ingo Kleppe1, Angela Naumann2,3 and Roland Nitschke2,3  Nature Methods, 2018
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The penetration depth of traditional confocal laser-scanning microscopy (LSM) systems is limited by light scattering. To avoid these limitations, multiphoton LSM uses a nonlinear fluorophore excitation process in combination with a non-descanned detection concept to greatly increase the penetration depth. However, in traditional multiphoton LSM, this increased depth necessitates a compromise on the achievable spatial resolution and signal-to-noise compared with that of confocal LSM. The novel Airyscan detection concept from ZEISS, used in combination with multiphoton excitation, overcomes these limitations and provides increased resolution and signal-to-noise with a 2–3× increase in penetration depth compared with that of traditional confocal LSM.


Tridimensional Visualization and Analysis of Early Human Development

Belle et al, 2017

The authors provide an initial look at dynamic processes during early human development through 3D cellular imaging using light sheet microscopy.