The Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform (MIAP) Freiburg, was founded in 2016 during the DFG call "Gerätezentren - Core facilities" to form a highly competitive joint network for scientific infrastructure of imaging based core facilities and life science sites in Freiburg, Basel, Mulhouse and Strasbourg. As competitive and advanced technology platform, MIAP is embedded in the "Forschungsinfrastrukturen" of Freiburg University.

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Highlights of the MIAP Workshop Program

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Due to the Coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) pandemic all MIAP workshops are cancelled until further notice.


MIAP Picture of the month January 2021

Xenopus embryonic mucociliary epidermis after knockdown of TLE4. 25x  mag. (water imersion). Green = GFP (targeted cells), white = F-actin (Phalloidin-TRIC), magenta = Mucus (PNA-Lectin-Alexa694), cyan = Cilia (anti Acetylated Tubulin-Alexa405).
Sarah Bowden and Peter Walentek, AG Walentek, Self-Organization in Biological Systems, Freiburg Hospital