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Point Scanning Confocal SP5 inverted with multiphoton option

Equipment type: Light microscopy

Inverted confocal microscope equipped with a Z-galvo stage, MP excitation and temperature control (whole microscope). This confocal can be used with the standard or resonant scanner (8000 Hz, 8000 lines/s) for fast imaging.


  Illumination   Wavelength range, nm
  Brightfield: Halogen 12V 100W. Fluorescence (direct observation): Source: EL 6000
  Lasers (confocal imaging) CW – 405 diode- Argon – DPSS 561 – HeNe 594 – HeNe 633 Lasers (confocal imaging) Pulsed:               MP: Coherent Chameleon Ultra II 405458/476/488/496/514 561 594 633 From 680 to 1080 nm
  Detection   Wavelength range, nm
  Fluorescence cubes for direct observation: – A4 – L5 – N2.1   Descanned Detectors: – 2PMTs (positions 2,4) – 2HyD (positions 1,3)   Reflected Non-Descanned Detectors: – 2 PMTS: FITC / TexasRed (spectral features to come…)   Transmitted Non-Descanned Detectors:    – 1 PMT Dapi/Hoechst GFP/FITC/Alexa 488 RFP/mCherry         


Room E1038 CBI
Imaging Center IGBMC

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