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Point Scanning Confocal SP8 inverted with UV option

Equipment type: Light microscopy


Inverted confocal microscope (Leica) dedicated to the conventional confocal imaging of fixed and living samples. Adaptative Focus Control option. No scan field rotation. Equipped with a climatic chamber (temperature control (RT to 37°C) only) and motorized x-y-z stages.


  Illumination  Wavelength range, nm
  Laser OPSL 355 nm  355
  Laser diode 405 nm  405
  Argon laser  458 476 488 496 514
  DPSS Laser 561 nm (Coherent)  561
  HeNe Laser 633 nm  633
  Detection  Wavelength range, nm
  2 Internal (descanned) PMTs  350 to 800 nm, adjustable spectral range
  2 Internal (descanned ) HyDs  350 to 800 nm, adjustable spectral range
  2 Non-descanned trans PMTs  Default filter cubes: FITC/TRITC BP525/50-BS560-BP585/40On demand: 470/22
  1 PMT trans  Laser wavelength


Leica LAS AF software – Acquisition modes: time lapse (xyt), z stack (xyz), spectral acquisitions (xy?), Multiposition (Mark&Find), Overview Image (Tile Scan), Sequential acquisition – Best Focus and Adaptative Focus Control, FRAP modality – Processing tools for stitching, deconvolution, 3D visualization…


Room E1002 CBI
Imaging Center IGBMC

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