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Agreement on cancellation

If you have to cancel your participation, you have to do so at least 14 days prior to the workshop. If you cancel at a later time point, we will charge you the full participation fee, at least 50,00 €, as cancellation fee (Stornogebühr). We will not be able to re-distribute any cancelled spots if cancelled later than 14 days prior to the workshop. In case you do not participate at the workshop at all we will also charge the full participation fee, at least 50,00 € as cancellation fee.

Agreement on payment

We do not accept credit cards, cash or PayPal. Due to the guidelines of the University, we can only accept bank transfer (national/international). For workshops we require you to pay a participation fee or we charge a cancellation fee, you will get an invoice after the workshop. Under some circumstances, this can take several days up to several weeks. You cannot pay the workshop fee cash (in advance or during the course). Do not forget to pay the participation or cancellation fee as soon as you got your invoice.   

The common bank details for Freiburg University are:

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg / Baden-Württembergische Bank Sitz Stuttgart
IBAN: DE47 6005 0101 7438 5009 55

Agreement on pictures

You allow MIAP to take pictures and / or videos during MIAP events. Furthermore, you give your irrevocable and indefinite consent that all pictures taken of you during MIAP events may be copied, distributed, exhibited and/or publicly presented free of charge and without limitation by MIAP and Freiburg University. This includes (but is not limited to) displaying our workshop program on the official MIAP website (, our social media presences, official reports or PR / event material. If you do not agree or want a picture of you removed, please contact the MIAP team ( in advance of the workshop.

Data privacy

We collect personally identifiable information about you, such as your full name, address, phone number and email address, when you register for a MIAP workshop. This information will be used ONLY for administrative purposes regarding the workshops you applied for. Your personal data will be used within MIAP and the Life Imaging Center (LIC), Freiburg University for administrative purposes only. Furthermore, we might share some information with our workshop tutors / trainers where necessary and in compliance with applicable data protection laws. We will not share any personal information with third parties without any relationship to the MIAP workshop program. In accordance with the Landesdatenschutzgesetz Baden-Württemberg all personal data will be stored on IT infrastructure of Freiburg University within Germany.
Please note: If you select to contact (or get contacted by) the participating companies, we will share the listed personal information with the companies you wish to contact. This includes your full name, business address, business e-mail address, business telephone number, affiliation, position and the topics you mentioned.

General notes

After the booking period, we will provide all participants with a detailed agenda, course material and further information regarding the workshop and the location (if applicable). You will also be notified in case you could not get a spot due to limitation in spots or target audience, usually at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop, latest 1 week prior to the workshop. MIAP / LIC and the workshop partners (if applicable) will issue an official course certificate for your workshop attendance (presence at least 75% of official agenda).

During the application procedure, all applicants for the MIAP workshop program have to agree on our latest terms & conditions. Please note: The terms & conditions on our website reflect the latest version. If you applied for a workshop only the version valid at the time-point of your application is relevant. You will get a copy of the terms & conditions as PDF in your registration e-mail.

Version: 03/2018