September 2020 Lateral view onto diencephalon of a Tg(hsp70l:PCNA-CB) transgenic zebrafish (anterior to the left). The nuclei are labeled with the PCNA-chromobody (Panza et
October 2020 Pyramidal neuron inside the anterior cingulate cortex in mouse and filled with fluorescent dye Alexa 568. Han Lu, Bernstein Center Freiburg, University
November 2020 Drosophila egg chambers of different development stages. Two transcriptional regulators (EYA and Brinker) are visualized, that appear with dynamic changes in their
December 2020 Engineered chimeric lectin crosslinks liposomes (GM3-GUVs) to human non-small cell lung carcinoma cells (H1299 cells). Lina Siukstaite, AG Römer, Centre for Biological
January 2021 Xenopus embryonic mucociliary epidermis after knockdown of TLE4. 25x mag. (water imersion). Green = GFP (targeted cells), white = F-actin (Phalloidin-TRIC), magenta
February 2022 Mouse kidney tubuloid from ureteric bud cells grown in 3D culture, green: Potassium-Kalium-ATPase, red: F-Actin, blue: DAPI Vera Wimmers, AG Schmidts, Center
March 2022 Colorized SEM picture of a Drosophila eye Martin Helmstädter, AG Walz, Nephrology and Primary Care, University Hospital Freiburg