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Leica TCS SP8 STED 3x Super-Resolution

Equipment type: Light microscopy

  • Inverted Leica DMI6000
  • Anti-Vibration table
  • Z-Galvanometer
  • Continuous wave lasers: VIS – Ar (65mW: 458, 476, 488, 496, 514nm) and UV – Diode 50mW:405nm)
  • Pulsed laser (VIS – WLL avg.power 1.5mW: 470 – 670nm with integrated pulse picker = 78, 39, 19.5, 9.75MHz);
  • Depletion laser: two continuous wave lasers at 592 nm and 660 nm and a pulsed laser at 775 nm
  • Time Gated Detection
  • Spectral Detection Range (400 – 720 nm)
  • Detectors (GsAsP hybrid detectors and high sensitive low noise, selected PMTs),
  • Excitation Modulation (AOTF VIS: up to 8 channel and AOTF UV: up to 3 channel),
  • Resonant Scanner 8kHz (Maximal Frame Resolution: 1024×1024 pixel; Scan-Zoom: 1.3 – 48x)

(funding via a grant to the Faculty of Medicine, Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology, Department of Molecular Embryology, Prof. Dr. K. Krieglstein)

The Leica 3D STED system Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X achieves resolution below the diffraction limit in lateral as well as axial directions. Additionally, Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X module offers multiple STED laser lines in one instrument: two continuous wave lasers at 592 nm and 660 nm and a pulsed laser at 775 nm, which reaches resolutions below 30 nm, cover the whole spectrum of visible light and give access to many applicable fluorophores.

It has been designed for confocal microscopy with optimal photon efficiency and high speed. All optical components are matched towards preserving fluorescence photons for image contrast and to improve cell viability in live cell imaging. Backing up this sensitive detection are a high speed scanning system with up to 428 frames per second, large field of view of field number 22 and accelerated Z-stacking by a novel mode for the SuperZ galvanometer called Galvoflow. This suits the instrument for the most demanding samples, highest speed while offering full confocal resolution.


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