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MIAP provides catering for most MIAP workshops, which is included in the workshop fee.
We provide Coffee, Tee, Water, Juice and Milk in addition to a variation of snacks and sweets during all of our workshops. We also provide lunch (finger-food, salad, snacks, desserts) on every workshop day for most but not all workshops. You can find information on whether a workshop includes lunch or not on the workshop details page and the workshop attendance confirmation e-mail. Please let us know if you need a special diet (vegetarian, allergies,…).

WiFi / Network

Upon your arrival you’ll get an eduroam guest account. Those accounts are valid for your complete visit of MIAP and allow you to use our institutional wifi, as well as the wifi of all university institutions throughout the city of Freiburg. You can also use these accounts to connect your mobile phone. Click here for more information about eduroam or the wifi help page of Freiburg University (German only). If your home institute is part of eduroam, you can use your own credentials to sign in to the eduroam wifi network.

Local transport

Since Freiburg is a rather small city you can reach many points of interests by foot. For example, it takes roughly 15 minutes to reach the city center and not more than 20 minutes to our hotel suggestions. However, if you’d like to discover all parts of Freiburg and its surroundings, we suggest the local public transport system (German only). You can buy tickets on usage basis or flat rate tickets on a daily basis. You can get tickets from the local transportation network VAG, either physical on many stations and sale points throughout the city, online as print-out or mobile as in-app tickets. A 3-day ticket (Welcome Card) for the entire Freiburg region is 25€. A one-day ticket (Regio24) for Freiburg only is 6€ and 12€ for the entire Freiburg region. A one-way ticket within Freiburg is 2,30€ and 5,70€ to the outer surroundings of Freiburg.