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Tissue Clearing System

Equipment type: Special Setups

X-Clarity Tissue Clearing System by LogosBio

Automated steps in detail:

  • Hydrogel Infusion: Your fixed (e.g. PFA) sample is incubated in a hydrogel monomer solution
  • Hybridization: After complete penetration of the monomers the hydrogel get polymerized by increasing the temperature which leads to the generation of free radicals to initiate the polymerization reaction. The forming hydrogel is fully transparent.
  • Tissue Clearing: Breaking down of organic lipids by electrophorese in the presence of ionic detergents.
  • Labeling: Incubation in mounting medium of corresponding refractive index.

Funded by: AG Bartos, AG Haas, AG Huber, AG Kohl, AG Walz, AG Diester, AG Roussa


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