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Vertical LSM 980 Axio Observer 7 - designed to enable gravity stimulation of plant growth

Equipment type: Light microscopy

Vertical LSM 980 with Airyscan 2, Definite Focus 3, Colibri 7, Z-Piezo, Spectral-Detector; 2PMT + 32CH GaAsP, T-PMT2, Axiocam 305 mono, Infrared Detector,  ZEN Software 3.6 – Custom-programmed (root-) tracker software to adjust stage position to the sample movement.
Imaging options for:

  • Multiple position imaging
  • Time lapse
  • Rotation of the stage to change the angle of a sample in relation to gravity
  • Optical manipulation


Funded via:

SI-BW and DFG 91b; Prof. Dr. J. Kleine-Vehn

DFG Project No. 499026372

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