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Leica upright widefield DM6000B  

Equipment type: Light microscopy

  • standard upright fluorescence microscope with color camera for standard light or fluorescence microscopy
  • Stand: Leica DM6000
  • automated XY-stage available on request
  • Fully equipped for Brightfield, Phase contrast, Dark field, DIC, and Polarization
  • Software: LAS 2.2.0
ObjectiveMagnification / NAMediumPhase ContrastWorking Distance
HC PL FLUOTAR10x / 0.3dry11 mm
HC PL FLUOTAR20x / 0.5dry1.15 mm
HCX PLAN APO20x / 0.5dryPH21.15 mm
HCX PL FLUOTAR40x  / 0.75dry0.40 mm
HCX PL FLUOTAR40x / 0.75dryPH20.40 mm
HCX PL FLUOTAR100x / 1.30oil0.13 mm
FILTERCUBES for Leica stand
Filter NoAvailabilityExcitationDichroicSuppressionFluorochromes
AYESBP 340-380400LP 425DAPI
I3YESBP 450-490510LP 515FITC
N2.1YESBP 515-560580LP 590TRITC, Rhodamine
Y5YESBP 620/60660BP 700/75Alexa 647, Cy5


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