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FEI More inverted widefield microscope

Equipment type: Light microscopy

    • Imaging: very fast and stable inverted widefield microscope, FRAP, TIRF
    • Stand: MORE frame and enclosure
    • XY-stage: motorized
    • Fully equipped for live imaging, temperature and CO2 controlled
    • Software: Live Acquisition 2.5
    • Camera: Hamamatsu ORCA flash 4.0 cooled sCMOS 
      • Effective number of pixels: 2048 x 2048
      • Cell size: 6.5µm x 6.5µm
      • Effective Area: 13.312mm x 13.312mm
      • Maximum frame rate: 30fps
      • Dynamic range: 16-bit
      • Quantum efficiency (peak): > 70%
      • Read out noise: 1.9 electrons rms
ObjectiveMagnification / NAMediumContrastWorking Distance
U Plan S Apo10x / 0.40airPH23.1 mm
U Plan S Apo40x / 0.95airPH20.38 mm
TIRF APON60x / 1.49oil0.1 mm
U Plan S Apo100x / 1.4oil0.13 mm
   WavelengthsAvailability   TypeSome dyes and use
405YESSolid State LaserDAPI
488YESSolid State LaserGFP, Alexa488, CY2, FITC
561YESSolid State LaserTRITC
640YESSolid State LaserDRAQ5, CY5, Alexa639
395/25YESSolid State LightDAPI
434/17YES  Solid State Light  CFP
470/24YES  Solid State Light  GFP, Alexa488, CY2, FITC
510/10YES  Solid State Light  YFP
550/15YES  Solid State Light  TRITC, Cy3
575/25YES  Solid State Light  on demand (mCherry)
631/28YES  Solid State Light  DRAQ5, CY5, Alexa639
470YESLED (Trans)Transillumination
540YESLED (Trans)Transillumination
630YESLED (Trans)Transillumination
DAPIYESsingle BP434/17
GFP, Alexa488YESsingle BP517/20
RFP, Alexa568YESsingle BP590/20
Cy5, Alexa647YESsingle BP685/40
CFP/YFPYESdual BP464/15 – 547/22
DAPI / GFP / Cy3 / Cy5YESquad BP (LED)432/20 – 515/18 – 595/19 – 730/75
DAPI / FITC / TRITC / Cy5YESquad BP (Lasers)390/40 – 528/48 – 609/37 – 683/40


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