Basic Imaging Techniques (BIT 45) Workshop


The Life Imaging Center (LIC), a central core facility of the Albert-Ludwigs-University, hosts more than 20 microscope systems. For this reason, most modern microscopic techniques can be performed in the facility. The LIC has a major focus on live cell imaging of various cell types, organisms and culture systems used in signaling research, developmental biology and neurobiology. To provide the best experience and teaching to over 300 users of the facility, the LIC offers various microscopy workshops throughout the year. This basic workshop is not limited to facility users and is equally suited for life science students, Ph.D. students, staff scientists and postdocs. In lectures and hands-on sessions, the 3-day workshop covers basic methods of imaging techniques on widefield and confocal systems and image analysis and visualization with specialized software. 

This workshop is dedicated to all researchers and research students dealing with microscopic image datasets who wish to learn how to acquire high-quality images, how to plan the experiments accordingly and how to analyse their data. For the BIT workshop, prior knowledge in microscopy, and data analysis is not required.

In 2018, the LIC overhauled and updated the well-know AIT workshop. The LIC split the former 5-day workshop into a 3-day basic workshop, the Basic Imaging Techniques (BIT) and a 3-day Advanced Imaging Techniques (AIT) workshop.
The Advanced Imaging Techniques (AIT) workshop will take place from November 13th – 15th 2019. The agenda and registration will be announced in late August 2019. The AIT workshop will have some requirements (experience in microscopy and imaging e.g. from the BIT workshop or as experienced LIC user). If you take part in the BIT workshop you will meet the requirements and are able to participate in the AIT workshop.


For this BIT workshop, prior knowledge in microscopy, and data analysis is not required.

This workshop is open to everyone and NOT limited to LIC users, members of the University of Freiburg  or MIAP partner units.

Any student / researcher dealing with microscopy and the need for high-quality scientific images is more than welcome to join this workshop. Make sure to register early. 

The registration fee of 450 € per person includes lunch (finger food), refreshments and coffee & tea with some snacks and sweets for all days of the workshop.


Albert-Ludwigs University
Center for Biological Systems Analysis (ZBSA)
Life Imaging Center (LIC)
Habsburgerstr. 49
79104 Freiburg im Breisgau


Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform (MIAP)

Tobias Wernet

Sibylle Bartsch


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