MIAP is looking for the best microscopy pictures recorded in the MIAP facilities.

We invite all MIAP facility users to participate on the MIAP Image Contest.

Every month the MIAP team will select the best picture of all provided images.
These images will be shown on the front page of the MIAP website and will be
part of the MIAP Calendar 2021.



Please send your pictures via e-Mail to info@miap.eu.




Be aware that an image selected and published as the
IMAGE of the MONTH cannot be used in a future
reviewed publication from you.


Marta Rodriguez-Franco, Faculty of Biology, Freiburg, Germany.
Pathogenic Fungus Penetrating a Plant Cell, TEM Philips CM10 (EM Unit Cell Biology).


Chao Su, AG Ott, Faculty of Biology, Freiburg, Germany.
Medicago truncatula root, Leica TCS SP8 (Life Imaging Center).


Marion Flum, AG Hecht, Institute of Molecular Medicine and Cell Research (IMMZ), Freiburg, Germany.
lntestinal Organoid, Zeiss LSM 880 (Life Imaging Center).


Nadia Messaddeq, Cellular Electron Microscopy Facility, Imaging Center IGBMC (ICI), Illkirch, France.
Renal Capillary with red blood cells, SEM, Philips XL 20 (FEI, USA) (Imaging Center IGBMC).


Lukas Westermann, AG Köttgen. Zentrale Klinische Forschung (ZKF) Freiburg, Germany.
Kidney Tubule Organoid, Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7.