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ZEISS point scanning confocal “LSM700 Upright“

Equipment type: Light microscopy


  • Imaging: Confocal for fixed samples
  • Stand: Zeiss Axio Imager
  • XYZ-stage: fully motorized
  • Software: Zen 2010
Objective Magnification / NA Medium Contrast Working Distance
PLAN APO 10x / 0.45 air DIC 2 mm
PLAN APO 25x / 0.80 air DIC 0.55 mm
PLAN APO 40x / 1.3 oil DIC 0.21 mm
PLAN APO 63x / 1.40 oil DIC 0.19 mm
FIXED wavelengths Availability Laser type Some dyes and use
405nm YES solid state, 5mW DAPI
488nm YES solid state, 10mW GFP, Alexa488, CY2
555nm YES solid state, 10mW RedFPs, Alexa568
639nm YES solid state, 5mW DRAQ5, CY5, Alexa648
Fluorochromes Availability Excitation Dichroic Emission Filter No
Blue YES G 365 FT 395 BP 445/50 49 DAPI
Green YES BP 470/40 FT 495 BP 525/50 38HE eGFP
Red YES BP 550/25 FT 570 BP 605/70 43HE Cy3


Extra Emission filters: BP 505-530 and BP 575-615 IR


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