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Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Equipment type: Electron microscopy

The LEO 906 E TEM by ZEISS has a magnification range from 40x to 600,000x, an accelerating voltage up to 120 kV and a resolution of approx. 0.34 nm.

Characteristics LEO 906E:
High-performance transmission electron microscope designed for routine operation, user friendliness, excellent imaging performance and versatility.

Technical Data:

  • accelerating high voltage up to 120 kV
  • 0,34nm ultra high resolution
  • continuous magnification zoom range from 40x to 600,000x

User centered microscopy:

  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Automated operation by macros
  • Optimum specimen protection
  • Cryo microscopy. Superior electron optics
  • Automated illumination
  • Optimized high contrast objective lens
  • Continuous magnification zoom and rotation


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