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Serial Block Face Scanning Electron Microscope

Equipment type: Electron microscopy

The Thermo Scientific Volumescope 2 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is a state-of-the-art serial block-face imaging system. Unraveling the complex 3D architecture of cells and tissues in their natural context is crucial for structure-function correlation in biological systems. Serial block-face SEM (SBF-SEM) combines in situ sectioning and imaging of plastic-embedded tissue blocks within the SEM vacuum chamber for automated, 3D reconstruction of large tissue volumes. Axial resolution was once limited by the minimum section thickness, but truly isotropic resolution is now possible with the addition of multi-energy deconvolution.


  • Electron optics: 1.0 nm at 30 kV (SE) in high vacuum
  • Detectors: ETD, low-vacuum SED
  • Flexible and precise eucentric sample stage with a tilt range of 105° for sample observation from all perspectives
  • Maps Software for automatic large area acquisition using tiling and stitching; correlative work


UG Room 005
EM Core Facility IMITATE

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