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ZEISS spinning disk inverted microscope Axio Observer with laser ablation unit

Equipment type: Light microscopy

Live cell time-lapse imaging setup for:

  • Multi-location 3D-imaging with Spinning disk unit (CSU-22, Yokogawa)
  • Definite focus device for stable image recording
  • Motorized xy-table for multi-location and tile-image recording
  • 2 cooled CCD cameras (Photometrics Prime sCMOS 2k x 2k)
  • Ablation and photoactivation unit (Rapp OptoElectronic) with 355, 405 and 473 nm lasers
  • Software ZenBlue (Zeiss)


Funding via:

DFG 91b and BIOSS; Prof. Dr. W. Driever and Dr. R. Nitschke

DFG Project No. 172391574

Publications from DFG-funded projects must contain the following funding reference: “funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – project number(s)”.

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