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Leica point scanning confocal “SP8“ inverted - BioSafety Level 2

Equipment type: Light microscopy


  • Imaging: Confocal for live imaging (L2)
  • Stand: Leica DMI 6000B with adaptive focus
  • XY-stage: motorized
  • Equipped with 1 HyD and 2 PMTs
  • Fully equipped for live imaging, temperature and CO2 controlled
  • AOBS serves as a tunable dichroic for all lasers
  • Software: LAS AF version 3
Objective Magnification / NA Medium Contrast AFC Working Distance
HC PL Fluotar 10x / 0.30 air DIC Yes 11 mm
HC PL APO CS 20x / 0.70 air DIC Yes 0.59 mm
HC PL APO CS2 20x / 0.75 IMM DIC Yes 0.67 mm
HC PL APO CS 40x / 1.10 water DIC No 0.65 mm
HC PL APO CS2 63x / 1.40 oil DIC Yes 0.14 mm
FIXED wavelengths Availability Laser type and power Some dyes and use
405nm YES Continuous wave laser, 50 mW DAPI, Hoechst
488nm YES Solid State laser, 20mW GFP, Alexa488, CY2, OregonGreen
552nm YES Solid State laser, 20mW RedFPs, Alexa568
638nm YES Solid State laser, 30mW DRAQ5, CY5, Alexa648
Fluorochromes Availability Excitation Emission Filter No
Blue (DAPI, Hoechst) YES Multi-band 470 / 40 A4
Green (GFP) YES Single-band 525 / 50 GFP
Red (TexasRed, Alexa568, Alexa594) YES Single-band 645 / 75 TX2


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