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Microscope for medium throughput screening

Equipment type: Light microscopy

  • very fast and stable inverted widefield microscope
  • XY-stage: motorized
  • Software: Live Acquisition 2.5
  • Camera: AVT Stringray F-145B, CCD Progressive Sensor Type
    • Effective number of pixels: 1388×1038
    • Cell size: 6.45µm x 6.45µm
    • Maximum frame rate: 30fps
    • Dynamic range: 14-bit
    • Quantum efficiency (peak): >55%
  • Light source:
    • LED
    • Polychrome V
  • Objectives
    • Olympus UPlanSApo 10x NA0.4, air, 3.1 mm Working Distance
    • Olympus UPlanPLN 40x Na0.75, air, 0.51mm Working Distance
  • Filtertype:
    • Cy5, mCherry, DsRED, Cy3, GFP, CFP


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