Fluorescent Dyes DB:

Filter and Dye Assistant (Zeiss)

spectrumviewer (BD Biosciences)

Fluorophores.org (TU Graz)

Spectra Database (University of Arizona)

Two-photon action cross sections (Zipfel Lab, Cornell University)

Fluorescence Spectra Analyzer (BioLegend)

Fluorescence SpectraViewer (ThermoFisher)

Spectra Viewer (Chroma)

SearchLight Spectra Viewer (Semrock)

Fluorescent protein database (fpbase): Landing page

Fluorescent protein database (fpbase): Interactive Fluorescence Protein Property Visualization

Fluorescent Spectraviewer (BIO-RAD)

Spectra viewer (MPI for Brain Research)

Useful Software:

IrfanView (Viewer for Images)

Videomach (Easy and powerful moviemaker)

ImageJ (McMaster Biophotonics Facility)

ImageJ (Fiji Edition)

ZEN lite (Zeiss ZEN Testversion)