Olympus ScanR

Olympus ScanR High Content Screening Station


Widefield automated microscopy/image cytometry system

High throughput, objective image acquisition/analysis for quantitative imaging

Compatible with single slides, dishes, multi-well slides, dishes and plates (incl. 96- and 384-well plates).

For best results substrates with optical bottoms should be used.

MT20 illumination system: high stability and broad range of excitation wavelengths

Camera: Hamamatsu Orca-AG

Example filter sets/combinations: Indo-1, DAPI, CFP, FITC, GFP, YFP, TRITC, Texas Red (mCherry), CY5, CY5.5 (iRFPs), CY7

ScanR Acquisition 2.73 
ScanR Analysis 2.62  


Lighthouse Core Facility
Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

Contact Specialist:

Dr. Marie Follo
Lighthouse Core Facility
Phone +49 761 270 77697
E-Mail marie.follo@uniklinik-freiburg.de

Usage Fee:

Price: unknown
For a quote, access rules and usage conditions
please contact Dr. Marie Follo