Philips CM-10 LaB6

Philips CM-10 LaB6 Transmission Electron Microscope


The Philips CM-10 (LaB6) Transmission Electron Microscope is equipped with a side mounted GATAN BioScan camera for routine observations of sections or negatively stained samples. It operates at accelerating voltages ranging from 40 kV to 100 kV. Magnification range of 18x to 450.000x


Technical Data:

- accelerating high voltage 40 kV up to 100 kV
- up to 0.34 nm ultra high point to point resolution
- continuous magnification zoom range from 18x to 450,000x



Room 00.035
Institute of Biology II, TEM lab
Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg

Contact Specialist:

Dr. Marta Rodriguez-Franco
Institut für Biologie II / Zellbiologie 
Phone +49 761 203 2794

Usage Fee:

Price: unknown
For a quote, access rules and usage conditions
please contact Dr. Marta Rodriguez-Franco