Videomicroscope 2- Leica DMI 6000

with Photometrics CoolSnap HQ2 camera and environmental control

Inverted microscope (Leica DMI 6000) with XY mot stage for multiposition recordings and Z Piezo stage for fast z stacks. Temperature and CO2 controller. Equipped with a Roper Coolsnap HQ² camera.


  Fluorescence cubes    Excitation (nm)   Emission (nm)   Application (nm) 
  A4   BP 360/40   BP 470/40   DAPI
  L1   BP 470/40   BP 525/50   Alexa488, GFP  
  N1   BP 546/12   BP 605/75   Cy3, Txred


Room: E1038 CBI
Imaging Center IGBMC (ICI)
IGBMC - Illkirch-Graffenstaden

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Team Microscopie Photonique
Imaging Center IGBMC (ICI)
Phone: +33 36948 5116

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