Videomicroscope1- Leica DMIRE2

with Photometrics CoolSnap HQ camera and environmental control

Inverted motorized microscope (Leica DMIRE2) dedicated to Bright Field, Phase Contrast, Differential Interferential Contrast (DIC) and Fluorescence imaging of living or fixed samples. Equipped with a Photometrics CoolSnap HQ Monochrome camera.


  Illumination    Wavelength range, nm                        
  Arc lamp120 W    UV - IR
  Halogen lamp 100 W      White



  Fluorescence cubes    Excitation (nm)   Beam-splitter (nm)   Emission (nm)   Application (nm) 
  A4   BP 360/40   400   BP 470/40   DAPI, Hoechst
  L5   BP 480/40   505   BP 527/30   FITC, Alexa488, GFP  
  Y3   BP 545/40   565   BP 610/75   Cy3, Alexa555

Other filter cubes on demand


Acquisition Software:

Metamorph 7.7.5



Room: E1037 CBI
Imaging Center IGBMC (ICI)
IGBMC - Illkirch-Graffenstaden

Contact Specialist:

Team Microscopie Photonique
Imaging Center IGBMC (ICI)
Phone: +33 36948 5116

Usage Fee:

Price: unknown

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