ZEISS LSM 710 Confocal Microscope


Combination Laser scanning confocal / widefield imaging system

Inverted microscope based on Zeiss AxioObserver.Z1 stage

4 Lasers:
405 nm
561 nm
633 nm
multiline argon (458 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm)

Scanhead with 32-channel spectral detector and 2 additional PMT detectors

Motorized XYZ-stage for tiled/multi-position imaging

Enclosed climate chamber for live cell imaging

Colibri LED illumination for widefield/timelapse imaging

Filter sets: BFP, GFP, dsRed, RFP(mCherry)

Camera: Axiocam HRm

Software: Zen 2011



Lighthouse Core Facility
Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

Contact Specialist:

Dr. Marie Follo
Lighthouse Core Facility
Phone +49 761 270 77697
E-Mail marie.follo@uniklinik-freiburg.de

Usage Fee:

Price: unknown
For a quote, access rules and usage conditions
please contact Dr. Marie Follo