Infrastructure & Software

SCI-MED Microscopy Facility

Equipment available in the SCI-MED Microscopy Facility:

The available microscopes, computers, software, etc. are described on the web site of SCI-MED



  System A: Leica TCS SP8 X (inverted confocal):
    white light laser 470-670 nm, 405 nm laser, Argon laser (458 nm, 476 nm, 488 nm, 496 nm, 514 nm);
    spectral detectors, FLIM, deconvolution-based superresolution


  System B: Leica TCS SP8 DIVE (upright multiphoton/confocal):
    multiphoton laser (680-1300 nm, 1045 nm), Confocal (488 nm, 552 nm, 638 nm); spectral detectors,
    FLIM, SHG, deconvolution-based superresolution


  System C: Leica offline image analysis: HP workstation



SCI-MED conditions of use are available here.