Facility Infrastructure

Core Facility "Imaging of Materials Systems" - CF1 in FIT

Equipment available at the Core Facility "Imaging of Materials Systems":


  System 1: Scios 2 HiVac - Focused Ion Beam / Scanning Electron Microscopy:
    Application areas:

SEM imaging

FIB micro/nanostructuring

EDX analysis (point and map analysis)

FIB-SEM Tomography

TEM lamellae preparation


  System 2: Talos 200X - HRTEM/HRSTEM:
    Application areas:

Solid state inorganic and soft matter materials (metals, semiconductors, composites, polymers etc).

2D (up to atomic resolution) and 3D imaging.

2D EDX analytics (point analysis and mapping).


  System 3: Talos 120C - TEM :
    Application areas:

TEM and Cryo TEM of soft matter samples

Cryo TEM Tomography


  System 4: EM ICE with AFS 2 and AF

High Pressure Freezer with Freeze Substitution and Low Temperature Embedding System


  System 5: SKYSCAN 1272 - µCT

High-resolution 3D X-ray Microscopy