Workshop: Applications and Solutions for Big Data in Life Science

jointly supported by ACQUIFER (HIVE), Bitplane (Imaris) and SVI (Huygens)



The workshop consists of different parts:

  • Introduction and demonstration of the Big Data storage and analysis solution from undefinedACQUIFER - The HIVE. The HIVE builds the hardware foundation of this workshop. Its modular design integrates high speed processing, visualization, remote access, project management, flexibility, data security, scalability and ease of use in one unit. We will use two of the major image analysis software packages widely used in life science environments for this workshop. The HIVE will be fully incorporated into the user trainings of this workshop.

  • Huygens workshop and user training by undefinedSVI utilizing the HIVE Big Data solution and local workstations.
    (2 days)
    Take advantage of the chance to get a training for the leading deconvolution software and find the real information in a blurred image. We will show the integration and power of the HIVE multi-GPU hardware solution combined with the Huygens Deconvolution software solution. It is also a unique chance to meet members of the SVI development team for personal inquiries.

  • Imaris workshop and user training by undefinedBitplane utilizing the HIVE Big Data solution and local workstations.
    (2 days)
    A unique chance to meet members of the European Bitplane support team to join an intense one-day training on the latest developments and hot topics of Imaris, one of the world’s leading microscopy image analysis software packages. This part will also show the integration and power of the HIVE multi-GPU hardware solution combined with the Imaris software solution for big data analysis issues occurring on regular workstations. 


You can book the different parts as complete package or independently from each other. You will have to make your choice during the registration process. We highly suggest to join the complete workshop to not only get a detailed overview of the HIVE Big Data solution but also introduction and training on two heavily used software packages for image analysis in the life science community.


Announcement: This is the announcement of the workshop. Please feel free to use our undefinedANNOUNCEMENT (PDF format) to spread the word within you lab, department, institute or organization. The language of this workshop will be English.

Agenda: Please check the download for our undefinedpreliminary agenda.

Registration: Registration closed. Spots are very limited. Please make sure to register at your earliest convenience. This MIAP workshop is jointly supported by ACQUIFER, Bitplane and SVI. The workshop will be free of charge without any registration fee.

Catering: We will provide lunch/fingerfood together with coffee/tea, refreshments and some sweets and snacks on all 4 days of the workshop.


Further information and a undefinedpreliminary AGENDA can be downloaded on this website. 
Please also see our official  undefinedANNOUNCEMENT.

Online registration closed.



Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg
Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform (MIAP)
Life Imaging Center (LIC)
Center for Biological Systems Analysis (ZBSA) 
Habsburgerstr. 49 
79104 Freiburg


Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform (MIAP)
Tobias Wernet
phone: +49 761 203 97131



May 15th  - 18th 2018

Booking Period: 07.03. - 07.05.2018


Registration Fee: free of charge!

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