Huygens Deconvolution Course 2017

A 2-day advanced workshop for microscopists on the topic of Image Deconvolution using the Huygens Infrastructure


Huygens Deconvolution: Theory and Practice

20th - 21th July 2017

at the Center for Biological Systems Analysis (ZBSA) Freiburg University


Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform (MIAP), Freiburg
Life Imaging Center (LIC) at the Center for biological Systems Analysis (ZBSA), Freiburg

About the workshop: 

Take advantage of the chance to get in contact with a powerful deconvolution software and to find the real information in a blurred image.

Aim of this course is to improve the knowledge for practical application of Huygens Deconvolution tools in image microscopy. The course is organized by experts in Microscopic Imaging of SVI (Hilversum, Netherlands) and MIAP/LIC (Freiburg). The course invites scientists, postgraduate students and postdocs as well as external guests.

The registration fee of 50€ covers finger food and refreshments.

For further information download the program.

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July 20th  2017 - July 21st 2017