In collaboration with our MIAP partner facilities and our external partners from academia and industry, MIAP provided professional training and education on latest developments in dedicated hard- and software topics. Our workshop portfolio 2017 focused on the topics microscopy and image analysis with experts from academia and industry sharing their knowledge.

We have some amazing workshops planned for 2018. We will host some favorite high-demand workshops, like ImageJ/Fiji training (basic/advanced) again throughout the year to cover the need for image analysis expertise, especially among (young) researchers. We will also host new workshops to cover hot topics and new developments in the field. We would be more than happy to welcome you to one of our workshops in 2018 at our facility locations in Freiburg, Basel or Strasbourg. 

Workshop Statistics 2017

Some numbers from the year 2017 workshops

In 2017 alone, 16 events were held. Major topics were "Microscopy", "Image Analysis" and "Special Software". In 2017, MIAP welcomed 268 workshop attendees from all around the globe. We also conducted an event for kids, our future researchers in the field: the undefinedMaustag 2017. We opened our facility for 40 kids (and parents) to get a glimpse on scientific infrastructure and environment in the field of microscopy and life science.